DOBER, Inc. (Dreaming of Better Endings Rescue)

…because far too many dogs spend their final days in a shelter where they are lonely and afraid, or at the hands of someone who has not given them the life they deserve.

Our goal is to ensure better endings for these dogs, but their journey is far from over when they reach us! This is just the beginning…

DOBER, Inc. functions as a Doberman rescue in the state of Pennsylvania. We serve Eastern & Central PA, NJ, DE, MD, CT, RI, Central NY, NY City and parts of MA. Click About Us to learn more about us.



12/16/16 Announcement


Earlier this year we made the announcement that we would be dissolving the organization by the end of the year. As the year has drawn closer to the end, we have been convicted about whether this is the best course of action and what other options we might have. We have taken in a great deal of feedback and have done our best to assess the needs that exist and our ability to help in various ways. In order to remain loyal to our commitment to Dobermans while also respecting our limitations, we have been discussing the possibility of changing the mission of DOBER, Inc. and restructuring the organization. This is a big project with no guarantee what the outcome will be but we believe it is something that we need to explore. In the coming months we will be discussing what these changes would entail and reaching out to the necessary persons that would need to be involved. Once we have done this, we will be better prepared to answer any questions or concerns that our supporters may have. In the mean time, we welcome your feedback. You may send an email to with any suggestions or offers of assistance. We thank you for standing by us throughout the years and promise to update everyone just as soon as we have more information to share.




1/30/16 Announcement

We have put off this announcement for some time as it has been one of the most difficult realities to face, however the time has come to officially announce that DOBER, Inc. will be closing its door. We are no longer accepting new dogs into our care and expect to fully dissolve the organization before year end.

We have 2 dogs currently in our care, Zander and Vinnie, who will be unaffected by these changes. These dogs will remain in their foster homes and will continue to be available for adoption should the right family come along. We have reached an agreement with Doberman Rescue Unlimited, who will be the recipient of the majority of our assets/funds, and they have agreed to assume financial responsibility for the care of Zander and Vinnie once our organization is dissolved. We are deeply appreciative for their willingness to help us close the rescue in good conscience knowing that another reputable organization will be available to help our dogs, both past and present, if needed. We ask that once we close, you please redirect your support to them and that you would still help us to promote Zander and Vinnie so that they might find their forever homes.

This has been one of the most heartbreaking decisions that we have had to make and it is not one that we have taken lightly. Unfortunately we have found ourselves constantly struggling to recruit foster homes and unable to recruit and maintain enough committed volunteers to sustain us in overseeing important aspects of the operations of the rescue. We believe firmly in doing things the right way and in offering our absolute best to the dogs that we have promised that to, and we refuse to compromise this standard. This has left us with no other option but to close the rescue and the reason is simply a lack of manpower.

Our organization was founded in 2012 as a result of the burden on our hearts for the many dogs that never get their chance for a happy ending. Many of the dogs that we assisted have been seniors and special needs dogs, some “not so pretty” dogs, and some that just had behaviors that the average person didn’t understand. We saw the potential in these dogs and knew that they deserved their “better ending” whether that came from an adoption into a permanent home or as a long-term foster situation in hospice care. Some of these dogs took a lot of resources – resources that others were not willing to commit to them – but we have never regretted stepping up to help those dogs that we believe crossed our path for a reason. From Reba who was with us for just a few short hours, to Zander who has been with us for nearly 2 years, we wholeheartedly believe that we were meant to do exactly what we have done for them, in showing them that their lives matter and they are worth more than what others have shown them. We are encouraged in knowing that we are not the only ones that feel this way, as we can honestly say that we have always received the support we needed to maintain enough funds to “stay out of the red” despite the incredibly expensive cases we have taken on. To those who have supported us, please be sure to reach out to other organizations to let them know that you believe in helping the seniors and special needs dogs and that you will support them in doing so. We sincerely hope that our successes and adoption stories and the difference that we have made in the lives of our dogs will be an encouragement to other rescues to not be so quick to turn their back on some of the dogs so easily overlooked.

In the last several years we have experienced heartache and we have experienced great triumph; we have seen vibrant health and debilitating illness; we’ve helped the young, the old, the Dober mix and even the “fauxber” when resources allowed…and in all of this we’ve seen the spirit of the Dobe providing the strength needed to carry on. We have learned so much from these dogs and it is our hope that others will give themselves the opportunity to do so as well.

We want to say thank you to those who regularly supported us and to those who were on the front lines helping us with grunt work. We think especially of our fosters, transporters and those who helped man a table or handle our dogs at events – folks who made an incredible difference with their sacrifice of time. We are also forever indebted to our adopters for entrusting us to match them up while they were seeking to add a new member to the family. Please know that we truly appreciate each of you and we hope that your hearts have been rewarded as much as ours have.

Please stick with us in the coming months as this will be a transition that takes time to complete. In the mean time we will continue to share updates and needs as they arise.

-LaKeshia Snyder, President & Founder

Please Note: If you are one of our adopters, you will be receiving a more formal correspondence in the coming months before any changes are finalized.

12/5/15 - Today we struggle between celebration and sadness as we observe Zander's 4th birthday, which marks nearly 2 years that he has waited for his forever home.

Zander's medications and supplements do cost a substantial amount each month, which we recognize is more than every family can afford. However, the real reason that so many adopters have overlooked Zander is "we'd be afraid to lose him before long" because of his heart condition, despite the fact that he has been stabilized and doing great.

And so while many families have continued their search for another dog, Zander has continued to wake up each morning awaiting his forever home, and in worrying about not having enough time with him, these families have missed out on 626+ days of sharing their lives with one of the best friends a person could ever hope to share his/her life with. These families have missed out on the bright eyes staring right into your soul each morning as he anxiously awaits spending his day with you. These families have missed out on 114lbs of nothing but pure wiggles and joy as his nub goes nonstop no matter the task you ask of him. These families have missed out on nose bops and kisses and tons of conversation from this sweet boy who just wants to be included in everything you do. These families have missed out on birthday celebrations, milestones in physical therapy, and the proud grin on this goofy face when he meets a stranger (human or dog) and instantly makes a new friend. These families have missed out on watching him rip through the yard like a puppy, making his heart sing for joy when he brings his toy with you to play along, and snuggling up with a giant teddy bear. These families have come home each day without having the opportunity to be greeted by this silly clown who can turn even the worst of days around. These families who have worried so much about not having enough time with their new dog have failed to recognize that life is measured only by the quality of our days; and in doing so, these families have missed out on some of the best days of their lives by not opening up their heart and home to this very special boy.

So today we say: Happy 4th birthday to our very special Zander Man! You are loved beyond measure and maybe one day some special family out there will realize what they’ve been missing out on.

(If you'd like to learn more about Zander, please visit our page of Available Dogs to read his bio.)



Did you catch us on Channel 69 News? If not, click here to watch the video.



~In Loving Memory of Max~

Please click here to read Max's story. Max is truly the poster child for what we do, ensuring better endings for these very special creatures, whether their final days be years down the road or shortly after we meet them. They deserve the best that we can offer them, each and every day.


We have had the pleasure of seeing things come full circle in rescue and would like everyone to be encouraged in knowing that every small thing you do adds up.

In June of 2014 Brayden's family came to adopt him and on their way they stopped at the shelter to pick up and transport another boy who needed our help, Vito. Brayden went to his forever home, making room for Vito to come in the same day. Vito was adopted in October of 2014, which made room for Sandi to come into rescue one week later. Vito's family coincidentally ended up coming back this month to adopt Sandi but before arriving they completed the circle by stopping to pick up and transport an owner surrender, Vinnie. Our all-natural girl Sandi went to her forever home, making room for our all-natural boy, Vinnie, to come in the same day.

Please know that by adopting one of our dogs you are essentially helping to save the life of two..and the many more that follow after those dogs. Brayden is a special needs boy, Vito is a sassy (Rottie mixed) senior man, Sandi is an all-natural (almost senior) girl and Vinnie is an all-natural senior boy with a poor blue coat. None of these dogs are what the average person would consider "highly adoptable" yet all deserved a chance to find their forever families, which we never had any doubt existed. (Vinnie's family hasn't been found yet but we know it's out there!) Every day we devote ourselves to ensuring that these special dogs get their chance but we cannot do it without your help! Financial support is always needed but beyond that, foster homes are our most urgent need, as are forever homes. Please consider opening your heart and home to a "less than perfect" dog that needs you. We promise you'll receive far more from them than they ever will from you!

To Zander, Vinnie and the others looking for their homes: DOBER, Inc. - Dreaming of Better Endings Rescue has got your back and we know we do not stand alone. Rescue dogs rock!


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